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Living Dead Doll Art Show

I finally got off my ass and posted the photos from the Living Dead Doll Art Show. Sure, some of them are a bit blurry and I didn’t take pictures of all of the dolls, because honestly, there were a lot of them and I wanted to have a beer. I have to have my priorities in place you know. If your interested in buying any of the dolls, or for pictures of the ones I didn’t shoot you can check out Toy Tokyo’s...

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NYC was fantastic!!

Well we came back last night after our trip to NYC and it was fantastic!! Evil Dead Musical, Living Dead Doll Art Show, new friends, lots of walking and three days with the man I love. How could it not be perfect? I plan on giving a full update likely this weekend but I’m too tired right now. I uploaded some of the pictures, except for the ones from the Living Dead Doll Show. I still need to crop and resize those babies. If you want, you can take a peek at the ones I have uploaded so...

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