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A birthday party for my love & my outfit


Back in April, it was my husband’s birthday and we celebrated it with some of our family and friends at the Cadillac Lounge, a local bar.  Back when we first started dating, I used live across from this fantastic pub and it became a regular hang out for us, especially for birthdays. As you can see from the slideshow above, we had a great night hanging out and having a fabulous time. I probably do not say it enough but we are lucky to be surrounded by a talented, loving and amazing...

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Remembering April Rain


Well it’s been sweltering hot up here in Toronto, in fact my apartment is sitting at a “cool” 29 degrees celsius, with the AC going.  I can not do much more then sit in my lightest articles of clothing and try not to breath too heavily because my own breath makes me hot. I also misplaced my tripod.  You see my amazingly talented husband Gary had some lovely folks come over to the apartment to film it, him and a short piece on us for a new show coming out.  It won’t be...

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Forgotten Stripes


Excuse my absence from posting but I had to talk myself out of a mild web crisis. I was convinced that I needed to completely revamp my entire website when really I just needed to fix a few things in the back end.  When this happens I tend to stop posting because I have to fix whatever is driving me crazy.   I may not be a perfectionist when it comes to a lot of things but I am incredibly anal when it comes to my code and my code needs work.  It was written years ago and now I would do a...

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Feeling Blue


After looking at some of my past wardrobe diary posts, I realized that the colour red was a major part in most of those outfits. Now, believe it or not I actually do wear other colours, but I just never seem to remember to take photos of those outfits.  So when I got ready for work a few days ago, I made a point to get up a bit earlier so I could take a few shots before I left in the morning. I like the blue monotone colour palette of the scarf and the length is perfect for me.  I find...

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Circle print dress


This tube dress with the grey, red and white circles on a black backgroud is one of my staple dresses. I have had it for about 4 years now and it gets worn quite a bit probably because it combines my favourite colour combination of red, black and white beautifully all in one print.  If you have seen some of  my past outfits the fact that I love this colour combination should come as no surprise .   I think that pairing these colours always looks simple and elegant and it is my go to...

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