X-Ray Daisies

X-Ray Daisies

♦ Tunic Top: Your Big Sisters Closet ♦ Pants: Hue via Trap Door ♦ Boots: Fluevog ♦

I found out on Friday that I am flying to Chicago on Monday (tomorrow) for a meeting which has put me into a bit of a spin this weekend. After going through my wardrobe, I just didn’t love anything enough to wear to the big meeting. I knew what I wanted, a black and white palette, with red accents, knee length hem, and comfortable enough that I feel confident but it also needs to look good sitting and standing. I had the blazer and skirt but was missing a white blouse to finish the look so, I headed down the street to Your Big Sisters Closet.

If I have not mentioned them before, let me say I love what they are doing over there, and I especially love the styles they are bringing in. This top is a perfect example, my camera died so you can’t see the details but it has not one, or two but THREE collars, all with wire so you can shape your own neckline. The pockets also have cinches which allows you to wear it up like I have in the photo, or down for a dress, and the back features a dramatic V. I bought it in black and grey, cause that’s the way I roll, but she has them available in some gorgeous colours if you are interested. Overall I love how flowy the top is with these tight pants that Gabrielle from Trap Door called “x-ray daisies”.  I feel like the wide and flowing top top is balanced with the wide pirate inspired ankle boots.

I also got to chat with the lovely Alex from Not Afraid to Wear Heels who was minding the store while Karen and Peter where in NYC. I can’t wait to see what they ordered for the store. I had a pretty successful haul and most importantly I picked up a few pieces for work, one of which was this white tank shell which I am now going to have to test with my outfit. Let’s hope it works!

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  1. Karen 5 years ago

    The top looks totally amazing on you!!! Thanks for sharing this! <3 <3 <3

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