We are the weirdos mister

We are the weirdos mister

♦ Tank Top: Domino Dollhouse ♦ Cardigan: Torrid ♦ Skirt: Asos ♦ Boots: Fluevog

This tank top was the second item I ordered from Domino Dollhouse. The original plan was I was going to wear the tank top for a screening of The Craft on World Goth Day. Unfortunately I had to work late and could not make the screening. So instead I decided to channel that 90’s goth girl that lives deep within me and I recreated my version of a Craft outfit. These Fluevog boots are a total throw back to the very first pair of Fluevogs I ever bought when I choose Fluevogs over 20 hole Doc Martens back in the early 90’s. I saved for months for those boots and they lasted 10 years. I hope that these ones last as long once I take them in to get stretched for my wide feet.



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