80’s Electric

80’s Electric

♦ Dress: City Chic ♦ Tank Top: Forever 21 ♦ Boots: Fluevog ♦ Tights: We love colors 

I loved my previous City Chic dress so much in this style that when they recently had their 50% off sale I purchased this one as well. I may even pick up a few more in solid colours because I have a serious crush happening right now. The zipper, the pockets, the way it gathers makes as fun and comfortable. I had pulled my back out the day before so I needed to wear some flats and the weather was just cool enough for me to get away with these bright tights and boots. I think I prefer the grey printed dress a bit better, but this one just screams 80’s VHS that I had to have it. I am looking forward to taking them on some upcoming trips, as I think they will travel well. We’ll see.


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