Walk in The Junction

Walk in The Junction




♦ Cropped Blazer: Voluptuous ♦ Polka Dot Peplum Top: Torrid ♦ HUE Jeans Trap Door ♦ Boots: Fluevog ♦

Mother’s Day was a pretty hard day for me but Gary was sweet and spoiled me with brunch and a nice walk in The Junction. It was a lovely day but I have to admit that these boots are not made for walking. They are taking far longer than I had hoped to break in and can only wear them for a few hours. I am pretty disappointed with this development and they better break in soon because I am too old to tolerate my feet hurting for any reason.

Now on to this outfit, I have to admit that this is one of my favourite forays into pattern mixing. The monochrome palette and combination of the small polka dots with the bolder stripes works well. This is actually one of my favourite outfits, especially with the pops of red of the sequin beret and gifted, handmade brooch . I wore it when I travelled to Boston last month for work and it was the perfect outfit because it doesn’t wrinkle and the blazer is made from heavy cotton so it is very comfortable but warm. I can handle a lot of things in life but that weird cold chill you get when you are flying is something that really bothers me. Starting any trip with a shiver is never a good idea.


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