Uniform as of late

Uniform as of late




♦ Stripe button down shirt: Reitmans ♦ Tank: Forever 21 ♦ Boots: Joseph Campbell ♦ Cords: Hue ♦

I decided to take the last two weeks off work and have been doing a lot of travelling between Hamilton and Toronto. There were some long nights and early morning visiting with doctors, lawyers, hospitals and family. Some nights I stayed over in Hamilton, living out of a bag for a few days, others days we drove back and forth between the hospital and home.  I found that for the most part I gravitated towards black and white combinations of pants, tunic tops and boots. It just seemed easy to to throw on and allowed me to make enough interesting outfits with just a few pieces.

And now I leave you with this picture of Pandora supervising Gary from the fire escape as he took these lovely photos of me.

Ruby Nite - Pandora supervising


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