Wardrobe Diary: Back to the basics

Wardrobe Diary: Back to the basics






♦ Jacket: City Chic ♦ Dress: eShakti ♦ Belt: Clothing Swap ♦
♦ Tights: We Love Colors ♦ Flower Brooch: Handmade Gift ♦ Boots: Fluevog ♦

What does one wear when you have to present to a new client  on your user experience and design process? Well polka dots, paired with black, red and white of course!

I am always a bit anxious before these meetings, but find that once I start speaking, things go fairly well. Probably because I love my job and it also helped that I felt confident in this outfit.  But, for the sake of full disclosure, I have to admit that I didn’t actually wear these boots to the morning meeting. I wore a pair of black ones instead and regretted the decision.  So, I made a pit stop at home to change into the red ones before my afternoon meeting. The things I do for fashion but looking at the photos I feel I made the right choice.


  1. Veronica 6 years ago

    What a great outfit! I’m not a big fan of white tights, but you take that away, and I wish all of it was mine; from the lipstick right down to the boots!

  2. PFK 6 years ago

    Lovely outfit! And those boots are amazing.

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