Wardrobe Diary: Dark Peacock

Wardrobe Diary: Dark Peacock

4.9.2012 a

4.9.2012 d4.9.2012 c

4.9.2012 b
♦ Dress: eShakti ♦ Cardigan & Tank: Forever21 ♦ Tights: We Love Colors ♦
♦ Boots: Fluevog ♦ Fishnets: Torrid ♦ Husband’s Pocketwatch: Alchemy ♦

I actually wore this outfit last year, in October, if I am being honest. I paused for a minute after writing that sentence and contemplated if it was in bad form to post an old outfit, but then I was distracted by Game of Thrones. I am a sucker for a dragon and really there are more important things to life than an old outfit, like the fact that a eunuch knows you’re stashing a hottie from your dad. How often can you add that to your list of troubles?


  1. Shannon 7 years ago

    I almost pulled the trigger on those boots, they are so cute on. Doh! I love this outfit. You need to come to CA and dress me.

    • Author
      Nicole 7 years ago

      I have to admit those boots are getting a lot more wear than I had originally thought! They are pretty damn comfy. Oh and we’re thinking of doing a west coast trip next year which will definitely require some Shannon and Ben time…I miss you guys!

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