Wardrobe Diary: Tactile Purchases

Wardrobe Diary: Tactile Purchases

A day at the Bazar

A day at the Bazar

A day at the Bazar

♦ Dress & Teal Tights: Addition-Elle ♦ Cardigan: Gussied Up ♦ Fishnets: Torrid ♦ Brooch: Dark Delicacies in LA ♦
♦ Scarf: H&M in Amsterdam ♦ Boots: Fluevog ♦ Hat: Beau Chapeau in Niagara on the Lake ♦

This is what I wore for a lovely October Saturday spent with the husband. We visited a few friends that had booths selling gorgeous art, books, jewellery and hair accessories at the Bazaar of the Bizarre. After I spent too much money there, we hit up a thrift shop on Queen Street West where I scored the most amazing vintage hat for $15 and ended having an early dinner with some good friends.

When I started working on the description of this outfit I realized that I physically purchased every piece in a brick and mortar store. That may not mean a lot to some people, but for me it’s an oddity. Usually my outfits consist of items that I have purchased online which is always a hit and miss. When it is a miss, I sometimes return the items, other times it just doesn’t make sense for me to do so with the cost of shipping from Canada and credit card charges. So now I have a pile of things that I need to either sell or give away.  I am hoping with the addition of Gussied Up, a newer plus size store in Toronto where I snagged this sweater, I will have the luxury of trying on purchases before I whip out my wallet. I think my bank account and closet will thank me.


  1. Kelsey 7 years ago

    Every time you wear a pair of Fluevogs I turn green with envy!

    • Author
      nicole 7 years ago

      Aw! You know it’s funny, I hesitate spending more than $60 on any piece of clothing but will willingly eat ramen noodles for a month to save enough money for a pair of fluevogs 😉

      P.S. They are having a major sale right now!

  2. Shannon 7 years ago

    Those tights are just drool worthy!

    • Author
      Nicole 7 years ago

      I am completely addicted to layering fishnets over coloured tights! You should try it…the possibilities are endless!!

  3. Monika 6 years ago

    What an absolutely stunning outfit, Nicole!! I LOVE it!!

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