Wardrobe Diary: Travelling Leopard Print

Wardrobe Diary: Travelling Leopard Print

09.19.2011 (a)

09.19.2011 (b)

09.19.2011 (c)

♦ Dress: Winners ♦ Petticoat: Originals ♦ Cropped Jean Jacket, Cardigan & Belt: Torrid ♦
♦ Maroon Tights: We Love Colors ♦ Boots: Fluevog ♦ Earrings: Lavishy ♦
Photos by Gary

Even though today is actually my birthday (well yesterday since it took me a while to write this post) I thought I would talk about what I wore on my second wedding anniversary instead. Mostly because today I am feeling too lazy to stop watching Breaking Bad while snuggled up next to the hubby with the pup. Besides, I really loved this outfit and I have even worn it again a few times so consider it a recap. Yup, I am an outfit repeater and I am perfectly fine with that.

On our anniversary, Gary and I spent the morning in Halifax walking around St Paul’s Cemetery taking photos. Then, we hopped into the car and by the time the sun was setting we were checked into a cozy lodge on Cape Breton Island. It was the perfect day and it called for an outfit that was comfortable enough for both walking and sitting for a long car ride.

Since wearing it on this trip I have fallen in love with this dress and thank the lucky shopping deities that tempted me to go back for it. I believe a 50% off tag on leopard print is a sign and who am I to deny such powerful beings?  My only complaint is that I wish it had straps but I think I may add some of my own. I just need to find some nice matching fabric.

Do you have any favourite travelling outfits?


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