Running Errands

Running Errands

09.04.2011 (a)
09.04.2011 (b)

09.04.2011 (c)09.04.2011 (d)

♦ Scarf: Addition-Elle ♦ Dress: eShakti ♦ Cardigan & Belt: Torrid ♦ Boots: Fluevog ♦ Earrings: Lavishy ♦

This was one of those “mad dash must head out in 10 minutes” outfits and I took these when we got back from running our errands. I did not realize just how much the dress wrinkled until I looked at the photos but it shouldn’t surprise me since it is pretty lightweight cotton. I also included a close up of my once upon a time favourite pair of earrings. I had them for a total of one month before losing one somewhere between Halifax and Montreal. Now the hunt for another pair of the perfect owl earrings is on…suggestions are welcome!


  1. Alison 8 years ago

    Great outfit (as usual – I think I’d have to list you as one of my style icons!). And yes, owl stuff rocks – I had a pendant I loved until one of the eyes fell out and refused to be glued back in. Good luck in your quest!

    • Author
      nicole 8 years ago

      Alison that’s so sweet! Thank you and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the owl earring quest!

  2. Kelsey 8 years ago

    Okay, you are just too cute! I love — LOVE — your style!! =) This outfit is making me swoon. I’m ever-so-slightly afraid of animal prints because I don’t feel quite saucy enough for them, but this outfit is seriously making me reconsider my position. =P


    p.s. eShakti is the best!

    • Author
      nicole 8 years ago

      Kelsey you should most definitely consider animal print! I feel like the traditional black and brown variation is probably the easiest to style with the neutral colours. And trust me you’ll feel perfectly saucy when you start wearing it. And now I am off to look at your blog 🙂

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