Memories of Edinburgh

Memories of Edinburgh

6.10.2011 (a)

6.10.2011 (b)6.10.2011 (c)

♦ Dress: Collectif ♦ Cropped Cardigan: Torrid ♦ Shoes: Fluevog ♦

Every time I wear this dress I remember the moment I discovered it in a tiny shop in Edinburgh.  It was my first encounter with Collectif, a UK based retailer that offered plus sizes with their normal line. Sure, there are a few problems with the fit on me…and honestly I am not sure I like it paired with these particular shoes, but I adore this dress!

It represents a defining moment for me style wise. I realized that there were people out there making clothes that I actually wanted to wear.  This dress is what essentially made me take the plunge to trust online retailers and started buying my clothes from all around the world.

Sure, I probably send back about half of what I buy and I lose money on it but it is worth it for me. Worth it for finding those few pieces that really help me cultivate a wardrobe that reflects my style. If retailers in Canada are not going to offer clothing I want to wear then I will gladly give my money to others that will.


  1. Megan 8 years ago

    These shoes would be nice with that dress.

    You look so pretty!

  2. Author
    nicole 8 years ago

    Oh the link did not work but I have a feeling that I will likely love them since they are fluevogs 😉

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