Summer Vacation Begins

Summer Vacation Begins
Last day of work!

Last day of work until October!The occasion obviously called for skull argyle.

Back in January I decided that I needed a small break from work. I wanted some down time to focus on a few personal projects. Things like sprucing up the apartment, prepping for the Festival of Fear, taking sewing classes, spending time with the folks, working on a new site design and travelling to Halifax. Nothing crazy, just a little adult summer vacation.

I can do this because I work at a pretty rad company. Among  one of my benefits is that I can take up to a four month sabbatical. Four months was a little long to go without pay for me, so instead I took a two month sabbatical.  Of course I had to do a lot of saving earlier this year to cover my expenses while I am off.  But even with a tight budget I am absolutely loving the time to just…organize.

I am a big believer that everything has its place, but I fall a tad short in the actual execution of my ideal.  Pots get rearranged, tupperware comes cascading out of cupboards. You get the idea.  Normally I just shrug but every now and then I go through a cleaning spree.  And these last two weeks have been one long cleaning spree.  I have been spending my days building cabinets and futons, hanging art, rearranging cupboards. I tackle one major project a day, like build a futon and then a few small tasks on top of that.  This way I don’t get burnt out and it is sort of fun.

I thought for sure that I would have spent my first two weeks reading books, lazing around and doing absolutely nothing at all. But I found that the little piles everywhere would just distract me.  So I attacked and let me tell you, an orderly house sure lends itself to a calm mind.

What I did today!

So instead of  sharing fantastic outfit shots in park settings I give you one section of my kitchen I finished tonight. I LOVE that wall with all the different elements.  I could not quite figure out exactly why I was so in love with it until I realized that it is because I have a history with everything hanging there.

  • The vintage Coca Cola and Players Tobacco mirrors belonged to my parents and remind me of my childhood
  • Gary and I picked out the poker and witch tin signs together and we discovered we both really love vintage advertising
  • The butterflies we picked up in Eerie Pennsylvania at the first US convention we did to sell his art
  • The Smugglers Cove gig poster we actually bought directly off of Dirty Donny the night we met him at the Bovine
  • Justin Erickson’s print of “A Deadly Hand” I bought the year he started working with Gary at Rue Morgue and I fell in love with the pin up peeking behind the hand of cards
  • Dave Burke’s Eye Candy is something that Gary had long before I was ever in the picture and I loved it when I first saw it
  • The coffee signs were a gift from my sister who knew I was into the “shoppe” vibe. I love that she thinks of me when she is out and about

I finished hanging the art before the new futon arrived and once it was all assembled and I moved it into place I knew it was perfectly us.  I love how busy this wall is and how looking at it will always make me smile. So that folks is what I have been doing lately in my first two weeks off.  Not a bad start if I do say so myself.

Outfit Details
Dress: eShakti
Argyle Sweater Vest: Torrid
Shoes: Fluevog
Sunglasses: Tres Noir

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  1. JenH 8 years ago

    Um, yes. Here’s to summer vacation!

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