Notice something different?

Notice something different?

New Haircut

A couple of weeks ago one Saturday morning I had a visit with my hairdresser and I did something I have been thinking about doing for quite a while now.  Actually I have been contemplating this change for a few months but I chickened out the first time I had the opportunity to do it.

New HaircutNew Haircut

That’s right, I decided to get bangs! I have not had bangs since I was in grade 6 and it was …not… a good look. There was teasing involved and feathering, coupled with brushing curly hair every morning left me with a perfectly coiffed frizz ball.  So, I admit I was a little afraid to go down that road again but I was tired of the same old cut so I thought, “What the hell?”

I did not go as dramatic as I thought I would at first but it has really grown on me. I originally wanted a Bettie Page bang but she thought I should give this side sweep bang a try first. I may go down the Bettie Page route during the next haircut but for now this is what I have to play with…and it has been fun!

New Haircut

So, this is what I wore for my Saturday adventures. After my haircut I decided to do a little bit of thrifting but I did not have much luck. I am pretty picky and nothing was quite good enough to make the grade. The leggings and tank made it pretty easy to try clothes on in the aisles and for that I have to thank Sal since she certainly was the inspiration for the thrifting “uniform” so to speak.

Outfit Details
Leopard Tank: Torrid
Blank Tank: Addition-Elle
Purple top: Penningtons
Leggings: Torrid
Boots: Fluevog


  1. thirtiesgirl 8 years ago

    I really like the side bang on you. It gives your hair more volume around your face, which looks great.

  2. Author
    nicole 8 years ago

    Thanks so much! I really am liking the side bang now it has certainly grown on me. I was a bit worried for a few days now I don’t think I’ll go back anytime soon 🙂

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