Just a dash of black

Just a dash of black

Just a dash of black

Every now and then I like to give myself a mini challenge where I force myself to wear something that has been languishing in my closet. You see this particular dress is actually much longer  and unfortunately when I wear it at its full length I feel awkward. I just feel that the proportions are all off for me.

Scarf, brooch and bracelet details

So, after playing with it for a bit I remember seeing Audi do some amazing things with shifting dresses around and securing them with belts. I thought what the hell and after a few minutes of playing I stumbled across this particular outfit.  While I really loved the colour combination and was happy with the length of the dress it was a bit uncomfortable throughout the day. I was always worried it was going to shift or pull down.

Just a dash of black

The good news for me though is that it has inspired me to alter the dress so that I can wear it at around this length, maybe a bit longer to be honest, but make it feel much more secure.  Now I just have to wait for Gary’s office to be fixed so he can move his computer from my sewing table.  My sewing pile is growing all the time!

Outfit Details
Cardigan: ForeverXXI
Dress: Addition-Elle
Belt: Torrid
Scarf: Addition-Elle
Tights: Addition-Elle
Boots: Fluevog
Brooch: Ghoulish Gary Print
Bracelets: Don’t remember


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