I love Rock and Roll!

I love Rock and Roll!

I love Rock and Roll
A few weeks ago some coworkers and I decided to go out on a Friday night for some Karaoke.  Now granted I am not much of a singing kind of gal these days but there is a small little place, a “hole in the wall” really, that has some of the BEST songs in Toronto.  It is pretty much the only spot I will sing one song, usually near the end of the night once I have a bit of liquid courage.

I love Rock and Roll

Since it was a Friday I did not have much time to really get ready.  I only ran home for about 15 minutes before meeting the rest of the gang so I decided just to wear pretty much what I had worn to work that day.  I just removed a long sleeve T under the striped shirt and the pair of jeans I was wearing.  I am big on layering so I had the leggings on underneath.  Once I shed some layers, I threw on some lipgloss, fluffed up the hair, and ran out the door.

Outfit Details
Black Tank: Addition Elle
Striped Top: Torrid via ebay
Vest: Forever XXI
Leggings: Torrid
Boots: Fluevog
Scarf: H&M

Oh and the song of choice for the night? I love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett.  Not original, but a lot of fun!


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