Turning 35 is not so bad

Turning 35 is not so bad

This first outfit is what I decided to wear on my 35th birthday kicking around Amsterdam with the man I love. Which was the perfect way to celebrate a significant milestone for me.   In the months leading up to my birthday I had begun to feel that the focus in our lives was starting to shift. And now there is no denying it, we are taking a turn in an unknown direction which is exciting but also a bit scary for me because I hate not knowing what may lie ahead. Normally I would be in a quiet freakout mode trying to work through this by myself, but I suddenly realized that I am not by myself. In fact I have a man that listens when I talk and makes me feel like together we can tackle anything.  So maybe that is why I wanted to celebrate a new year away from all other constants but one another.  It was a way to reaffirm that we are starting this new chapter together. Others may come and go in our lives, but we will always be one another’s home.

Turning 35 is not so bad!

35th Birthday Outfit Details
Dress: eshakti
Cardigan: Torrid
Scarf: H&M Amsterdam
Blue Tights: We Love Colors
Fishnets: Don’t remember
Boots: Fluevog

New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve 2010 Outfit Details
Dress: eshakti
Belt: Torrid
Maroon Tank: Addition Elle
Marron Tights: We Love Colors
Fishnets: Don’t remember
Boots: Fluevog

And here is one of my favourite picturesI have ever snapped. This is Gary, the man I call my home.

Gary Relaxing at the Cotton Club


  1. Veronica 8 years ago

    I can’t believe you’re 35. Anyway, you look beautiful in your outfits! More importantly though (to me), if you ever decide to get rid of that belt I am first in line!

    • Author
      nicole 8 years ago

      Thank you Veronica! I actually don’t wear the belt very often so if it does end up in the donate/sell pile I’ll let you know!

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