Little bit of grandma ~ Little bit of sass

Little bit of grandma ~ Little bit of sass

I have to say that I pretty much hit the jackpot when it comes to my in-laws. They are amazing people in every sense of the word and I love them dearly.  Any excuse is a good excuse to hang out with them, and whenever we do, the night is mostly filled with laughter.  So I can say with all honesty that when it came time to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday in November I was pretty excited.  I knew that I wanted to really get dressed up and rock a bit of a vintage vibe.

Little bit of grandma ~ Little bit of sass

My inspiration for the outfit was this idea that I wanted to attempt some Victory Rolls which can be challenging to do with naturally curly hair. The pictures did not come out very well but you can take my word for it that they were pretty cool.  With my ‘do decided upon, I picked out this custom, raw silk, Jane Bon-Bon dress. This dress was a customized version of a party dress style she offered that I had made in early 2010 for a big event I had to attend in the summer .  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to wear it again.  I think looking back now I had it made a bit too long so I will probably take it up at some point, but I really do love it.

I knew it was going to be pretty chilly where we were sitting I paired the dress with his embroidered cardigan that has some pearl beadwork around the neckline.  Since the sweater was already drawing the eye to my face I decided to only wear a few jewellery pieces: my peacock filigree earrings and a bracelet from Classic Hardware.

I was pretty excited to wear my new t-straps but they ended up being pretty slippery.  So, I have to take them to my shoe guy to see if he can make the a bit sturdier.  I defined my waist with this cute belt.  A belt that I wore twice and then promptly broke trying to bend the hooks to curve a bit more because they just were not staying hooked. That is the last time I try to make hardware adjustments to an outfit minutes before dashing out the door.

New life lesson: Anything involving a plier is not going to be a “quick fix”.

Little bit of grandma ~ Little bit of sassLittle bit of grandma ~ Little bit of sass

Outfit Details
Cardigan: Torrid
Dress: Custom Bon Bon Plus (purchased through her Jane BonBon Etsy store)
Belt: Torrid
Tights: Unsure
T-Straps Shoes: Somewhere in New York City


  1. Veronica 8 years ago

    Love the hair! And the belt! You looked very nice! Hope your mother-in-law had a great day!

  2. Author
    nicole 8 years ago

    @veronica: Thank you! And I am sure she had a great day!

  3. Brook Owens 8 years ago

    I am in LOVE with this outfit!!! Just found you on flickr!

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