Jack Brooks Monster Slayer

Jack Brooks Monster Slayer

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Robert Englund at Rue Morgue’s Cinemacabre’s presentation of Jack Brooks Monster Slayer and I simply have to say the man is awesome.  He was engaging, funny and charming, easily banishing any sort of nervousness I had because I was meeting him. Now don’t try and pretend you would not be just a little bit nervous too if you were meeting Freddy! He terrified me as a child and here he was making me laugh and blush in a matter of minutes. The memory made me smile so much that even though these photos are from 2008 I still wanted to share it here. I may be doing this randomly throughout the year…hopefully you won’t mind too much.

Robert EnglundRue Morgue Cinemacabre - Jack Brooks Monster SlayerRue Morgue Cinemacabre - Jack Brooks Monster Slayer

Rue Morgue Cinemacabre - Jack Brooks Monster Slayer

Now if you haven’t seen Jack Brooks yet and you like monster movies you really should give this a shot. Sure it is a low budget Canadian film but it is still a lot of fun to watch. I would recommend watching it with a group of horror loving friends that are not afraid to laugh out loud and cheer on the screen. Here is the trailer just to wet your appetite:


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