Remembering those Summer Nights

Remembering those Summer Nights

Hi! Remember me? It always amazes me how much time can pass between my updates when I really do think about this space almost every day.  It is just that these last 4 months or so I have been working on an exciting side project with my very talented husband.  Once the site I created goes live, I will be sure to share about it here.  But until then, I finally have a few spare moments to myself and I decided to post a picture of an outfit I wore back when the days were hot and the nights were sticky.

Remember those summer nights?

I have to say I thought for sure I would never wear skinny jeans.  I mean come on the whole concept of the tight legs paired with my large belly would surely make me look like an upside down pylon.  But I thought I would at least give it a shot before completely saying “screw you” to the fad. So, after trying a few different sizes of Source of Wisdom jeans from Torrid, I found  a pair that were really comfortable and made me feel sassy and confident.  I admit that I prefer the jeans tucked into my bond girl boots but in the summer my flat mary janes worked quite well. The bonus is that they really showed off my legs which is probably one of my favourite parts of my body.

Remember those summer nights?

With the discovery of skinny jeans I had to start looking for tops that I could pair with these bad boys. I found this one at Winners and I am sad to say that after wearing it about half a dozen times it has essentially fallen apart.  The material looks completely puckered on one side from washing it I assume, and the glue that held the flowers on gave up long ago.  I have kept the shirt though in the hopes that I can pair it with a cardigan for the winter and eventually I want to copy it to make something similar on my own some day.

Remember those summer nights?

I paired the jeans and top with one of my favourite, if annoying to wear, bracelets. I picked it up in SoHo during my first visit to New York City and I love it.  The gorgeous spider perched upon a band that looks almost like bones makes my horror loving heart melt.  The band is very fragile however, and when I wear it I end up weaving some chain through the back to close off the gap in a way that does not put too much pressure on the individual band pieces.

Remember those summer nights?

Oh and I even remembered to take a close up photo of my makeup.  I usually wear the same simple make up all the time.  My only difference is in the evening I switch out my pencil liner with mac fluid line, and I’ll throw on some bold red lipstick versus a red lipstain.   I don’t know what I would do if I had to figure out a different make up look every morning on top of just deciding what to wear.  I value my sleep way too much to try and vary a routine I can do in about 5 minutes from start to finish.

What about you?  Do you have complicated make up routines in the morning or, do you keep it super simple?

Outfit Details
Top: Winners
Jeans: Source of Wisdom via Torrid
Bracelet: Small shop in SoHo
Mary Jane flats: Fluevog


  1. thirtiesgirl 8 years ago

    Adorable outfit with the skinny jeans. I love to wear a tunic-y top with skinny or straight leg jeans, too. I have a kind of belly-centric figure, too, and find that I like straight leg jeans on my body shape almost better than skinnies. Although skinnies are certainly fun to wear, too.

  2. Author
    nicole 8 years ago

    @thirtiesgirl Thanks! I am really getting more into the tunic top with skinny jeans and or tights much more now. I just find it so damn comfortable! I still have a hard time finding straight leg pants that work well with my body but I am always on the look out for something that fits nicely 🙂

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