Circle print dress

Circle print dress

Surrounded by circlesThis tube dress with the grey, red and white circles on a black backgroud is one of my staple dresses. I have had it for about 4 years now and it gets worn quite a bit probably because it combines my favourite colour combination of red, black and white beautifully all in one print.  If you have seen some of  my past outfits the fact that I love this colour combination should come as no surprise .   I think that pairing these colours always looks simple and elegant and it is my go to combination when I can’t decide what to wear.

I bought this dress at a time when I was really starting to pay attention to the shapes of  my clothing, and what kind of overall silhouette it would give me. I like the shape because it highlights the smallest part of my body, which is just below my chest, which I accentuated with a red leather obi belt, and the black bolero jacket.  From that point the dress flares out in an A shape skimming past the areas I don’t want to draw attention.  I also wore a black peasant type skirt underneath to give the dress for warmth and to give it a fuller look at the bottom.

I paired the dress with my red fluevog boots, a pair of circular white shell earrings and put all of my hair into a black beret which I often wear as a snood.  I love my black beret and actually need to find a lighter weight version for the summer. It’s great to quickly throw your hair in when you are running a bit late or your curls are just way too wild to tame that day.

Outfit Details
Dress: Addition-Elle
Bolero: Torrid
Boots: Fluevog
Obi Belt: Viktorsabo
Beret: H&Mt


  1. cuppy 9 years ago

    OMG !! I love that dress so so so much !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Author
    nicole 9 years ago

    Thank you sweetie! I admit even after four years I’m still giddy over this print. I dread the day when it dies on me.

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