Looking on the bright side 9/365

Looking on the bright side 9/365

Well it’s a couple days late but I’ll get to 365 eventually!

  1. I am extremely happy to be married to a man as talented as my husband. He has taught me so much about colour theory, texture and composition that I am forever grateful.
  2. A lot of people had some very nice compliments about my tattoo at the art show last night. I think I’m going to try to get some pictures of it this weekend to post.
  3. Eshakti has opened up a world of fabulous dresses to me. I have a slight addiction and I can not wait for spring. Only downfall is they don’t accept returns from Canada.
  4. Pandora, when she insists on me giving her pets melts my heart every time.
  5. I really and truly love my job. I am thankful for this most days when I remember some of my previous difficult jobs.


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