Looking on the Bright Side 8/365

Looking on the Bright Side 8/365
  1. Today I went to my first Fatshonista swap meet and had a fantastic time. I scored some pretty sweet scarves, and a nice vintage red cape.
  2. Our place was photographed for a picture that will appear in eye magazine next week. It’s kind of cool knowing that our living room will be seen by a tonne of people.
  3. I bought a tripod this weekend and was playing with setting it up. I’m very excited that I’ll be able to start taking photos with it.
  4. My “Midnight in Moscow” nail polish by Opi I put on tonight always makes me smile. I feel like a sassy vixen when I wear it.
  5. Taking Pandora to the park and watching her chase a ball for almost an hour was a lot of fun today. A the end she had the biggest doggy smile.


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