Looking on the Bright Side 7/365

Looking on the Bright Side 7/365

Ok well I missed a couple of days but I’m just going to pretend that didn’t happen…so here we go:

  1. A friend asked to do a photo shoot at our place which prompted a massive cleaning session today. This makes me so happy because our apartment is looking pretty sweet right now.
  2. Pandora in the morning on the weekends is the sweetest thing in the world. She cuddles, snuggles and is nothing but a bundle of love.
  3. Gary finished his prints for the miniature art show and they look absolutely awesome!
  4. Our friend Vincent and I have the most awesome sarcastic relationship where things we say to each other would probably make other friends and family cry.
  5. Last week at work was really tough, but in a fantastically challenging kind of way. I also got some pretty good news that I’ll share with people shortly.


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