Looking on the Bright Side 6/365

Looking on the Bright Side 6/365
  1. Discovering that long sleeve t-shirts were on sale at Reitmans for half price. I’ve discovered they are fantastic for layering and adding a pop of colour to an outfit! For less than $10 a shirt I stocked up on a few of them and then spent some of the evening planning outfits to go with them.
  2. The fact that I was in at work at 8:30 this morning which allowed me to leave at 5:30 so I still had time to swing into Reitman’s after work to get said shirts. Yay for early mornings!
  3. Looking at my honeymoon pictures still make me smile from ear to ear. We had such a fantastic time in Ireland and Scotland.
  4. Considering the possibilities of where we want to travel this year. With so many gorgeous places in the world, we are finding it hard to decide.
  5. Tahini sauce makes everything taste better!


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