Looking on the Bright Side 5/365

Looking on the Bright Side 5/365
  1. Mint tea makes everything better. Sore throats, stuffy heads, upset stomachs, you name it and it can fix it.
  2. For dinner we had Friendly Thai’s curry phad thai with extra sauce and wow was it ever good.  I highly recommend it.
  3. I am very grateful that my life is giving me the opportunity to actually consider buying a gorgeous ball gown. I never thought that would be something I would ever really need, much less be able to afford.
  4. The Creepshow are going on tour starting tomorrow and if they are scheduled to play your town, you should definitely go and see them! It’s almost impossible to listen to their music and not want to bop along.
  5. Gary is starting to feel a bit better tonight! He’s been inside for almost three days straight coughing and hacking and I think is looking forward to going to work tomorrow even if it just means getting out of the house.


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