Looking on the Bright Side 4/365

Looking on the Bright Side 4/365

I almost forgot to post this today! Only Day 4 and I am already slacking…

  1. Discovering that my old black broomstick skirt is great for layering with a few dresses I already own. It makes my legs very warm and happy
  2. I really love TLC. I have a soft spot for What Not to Wear and Cake Boss
  3. Having my sister live next store is nice so that she can easily come over in her pajamas to watch a movie
  4. Pandora can be exceptionally cute when curls up right next to me and gives one of her soft blissful sighs
  5. The fact that the only thing standing between me and my healthcare provider is an expired health card and a desire not to wake up at 6:30 am to make it to the renewal place for 8:00 am


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