Looking on the bright side 2/365

Looking on the bright side 2/365

Day 2 of the “LotBS” list.  Hmm, that doesn’t sounds so good when I try to put it in an acronym like that. It looks more like “Lots of Bull Shit” so I will just have to keep referring to it as the Looking on the bright side list.

Now – on to the list!

  1. I really love my Sony eReader. I purchased it the first week of January and I have read 8 books on it so far this month.
  2. Cutting Pandora’s nails has become so much easier now that we take her to a groomer. What takes 10 minutes to finish used to take us about an hour of dog wrangling.
  3. Listening to iTunes on random can sometimes spin me into a musical wormhole back to my early 20s and dancing to KMFDM at the Kingdom. Such good times!
  4. My washing machine in the apartment that hooks up to our sink. Without it I would have to take all of our clothes down three flights of stairs and down a block in the winter. I would probably just start buying new clothes just to get out of washing them.
  5. The fact that Gary’s parents lent us their car while they are in Florida. We used it today and it made some errands that we had to run so much easier.


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