Looking on the bright side 1/365

Looking on the bright side 1/365

I decided that I’ve been a bit too cranky lately and really that’s not fair to anyone, and especially not fair to Gary. So I decided to copy Violet’s blog and try to make a list of five things that make me happy every single day.

Some days you need to remind yourself that there always is a bright side.  Also, it will get me into the habit of using this space again. Something I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time now.

Now on to Looking on the bright side 1/365

  1. My husband is my best friend and probably the most amazing person I have ever known. I love him more than words could ever express.
  2. I am really lucky that I can work from home every now and then when I need to because my company….is awesome
  3. Nuzzling the neck of my little rat terrier, Pandora, after she has been sitting in the sunshine for an hour and is all sleepy immediately calms me down if I’m feeling stressed out
  4. I have to say that I’m pretty damn happy with my Mac. It has problems, but the overall experience for me really is a lot better than working on a PC
  5. Mixing things up in my wardrobe lately has allowed me to come up with some nice and unexpected outfits that are warm enough to handle this cold spell we are in.


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