Adding Twitter to your site without plugins!

Adding Twitter to your site without plugins!

Twitter birdIt took me a while to jump on the Twitter bandwagon, but now my ass is firmly planted in the seat and I have no intention of getting off. I decided that I wanted to add my twitter updates to my site, but not necessarily make it the main focus. My first idea was to find a plugin to do the job for me and things went horribly wrong.

Like many WordPress designers and developers I’ve been guilty of the plugin bloat that comes with maintaining a WordPress site. There are just so many cool things out there that I want to try, but sooner or later you start to have huge download times, and JavaScript libraries start misbehaving. Sometimes I imagine the libraries having a dance off to determine who is the coolest with the best moves.

Then again maybe that just me watching too many cheesy dance movies.

When I tried a few of the plugins out there, the JavaScript libraries started conflicting, my site stopped loading and it was just a huge headache trying to troubleshoot someone else’s code. After some research I came across this lovely little HTML snippet provided by Twitter. It allows you to pull in your tweets by including a couple of JavaScript files that are added just above the closing body tag, and a small amount of code that you place wherever you want your tweets to show up. It’s pretty simple. In fact it’s taken me much longer to write this post then to add my Twitter updates to the site.

Once you have your twitter updates working on your site, don’t forget to spend a little bit of time making it unique. You could always incorporate one of the interesting sets of twitter icons and buttons that are out there.

Good luck and if you have any questions I’ll do my best to help.


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