Dusting the cobwebs from the corners

Dusting the cobwebs from the corners

It’s funny, I think about this blog almost every single day. At some point during the day I inevitably think to myself “oh, I really should blog about this,” or “That would make a really good blog post” but by the time I get home I just don’t bother with it. I wonder about that sometimes, and remember when I lived in Colorado I would blog almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day. That carried on until I met Gary, and then my blog slowly took a back seat. I became too busy to post, or I was afraid that what I would post might hurt my ex-boyfriend’s feelings. That feeling slowly faded over the years, and now I realize that for some reason, I’ve become frozen when thinking about my blog. I’m completely unable to act and just walk away shaking my head.

You see, it’s such a different atmosphere for bloggers in today’s culture. Back when I was posting a lot, I didn’t think anyone was really reading what I wrote about, no one really cared. My family, both immediate and extended, had no idea about my online life, and I was pretty free to say and do what I thought. That’s completely changed now. My “little” cousins have this address, so do my aunts, my mother and my father. Also Gary’s friends and family know about me here as well and even people that I work with browse by now and then. These eyes have effectively silenced me for quite a while. I’m constantly wondering what I should write about and the stuff that makes it through my filter was…well boring. And if it’s boring to me I’m going to assume most people online would not care to read it.

So, I’m not sure what to do with my space here. I will always keep it, and I think over time I’ll be using it regularly again. I just need to make it a habit once more. I want to tie my website in with my love for photography and web site development, I’m just not sure how to do it quite yet. To help get over this writer’s block I have, I’ve started using twitter. Its quick 140 character limit has started to get the juices flowing again. For that I’m grateful.

I appreciate the people that have followed me over the years. I really hope that this year I can break this block and figure out what I want my online life to become here on this site. I’m sure no matter what it’s going to be, it’ll be something that I’m passionate about and I hope the ride is a fun one.

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  1. Fraktyl 10 years ago

    And some of us just lurk, and pop in and out of your life like the flu (was going to say bad penny, but that would be bad. :O )

    Seriously though, post what you feel. Whether you think the “world” finds it boring doesn’t matter. This is your domain. It doesn’t have to be topical, poignant, or anything.



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