2008 in Review

2008 in Review

Considering I took a very extended break from blogging I thought it only fair to do a quick summary of the important things that happened in my life over the last year.

I got engaged! – That’s right, Gary asked me to marry him in April and I said yes 🙂  The wedding is planned for September. See, really I’ve been doing you a favour and have not blogged about the wedding planning experience 😉

We went to New York City….again! – Right after we got engaged, Gary and I flew to New York City to celebrate his birthday in a city that we both love.  It also helps that we know some pretty amazing guys from the work he’s done with Royal Flush there and we were lucky enough to spend some time with them. 

Pandora turned 7 this year and had a few set backs. –  She had an unexpected surgery and an infected ear but all in all she’s doing fantastic and is still my beautiful little girl.

Rich and Telma got hitched! – That’s right, two of our best friends tied the knot this summer and Gary and I were lucky enough to be a part of their wedding.  And girls, I actually DID wear the bridesmaid dress again…that’s what happens when you have a rad bride!

Gary and I quit smoking – That’s right, we quit in June (I think) and haven’t looked back.  My lungs are so much happier with me now and my asthma is almost under control.  Yay for non-smokers!

Gary had his first Art Show! – Considering it was right before Christmas and in shit weather a lot of people came out to see Gary’s art.  It was an amazing night and so many people helped make it come together, so once again thank you to everyone!

The Creepshow rocked! –  Gary and I became a lot closer with the The Creepshow and I ended up doing their website using Gary’s design.  They are an amazing band to see live, so if you ever have a shot, don’t miss it!

My Dad has been on a health roller coaster this year – But of course he’s always positive and upbeat so please keep your fingers crossed that this year will be much easier on him

Ruby Nite finally launched – My new website, finally launched after a year of futzing around with it.  Digital Masquerade was way too hard for people to type 😉  I still really love the design but of course I want to change it now 😉  It’s not quite finished but I’m not sure I’ll ever really finish it to be honest.

All in all this has been an pretty fantastic year.  Despite a few set backs and a couple of melt downs,  I have to say that I am a very lucky woman.  I am marrying the man I love, we are both healthy and about to start a new chapter of our life together.  Cheesy, sure it is, but what can I say, I’m a big ole softy.

I really hope that I use this site a lot more in the new year and also get back into photography. I have thousands of photos on my hard drive demanding my attention and my goal is to get them online.  I’ve missed taking photos and sharing them.  I got a new camera for my birthday and I plan on making some heavy use of it this year.  So I apologize in advance if you start seeing  a lot of bad photos 😉

I hope that 2008 was good for you and I wish you all a kick ass 2009.


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