I’m around

I’m around

I’ve received a few emails asking where I’ve been and why I have become so quiet in the last little while.  The quick answer is “I’ve been busy” but really that is more or less a cop out statement.  So instead of just saying “I’ve been busy” I’ll tell you a little bit about what I’ve been doing this past month:

London is calling
A few weekends ago we headed down to London to celebrate Gary’s mom’s birthday.  I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned this before, but I seriously lucked out on the whole “in-laws” front.  I absolutely adore Gary’s family and love hanging out with them.  I always feel comfortable and loved when I’m there and if it wasn’t for the two hour drive I’m sure we would see them much more often.

Gary and I caught the Rollerderby championship game between The Gore-Gore Rollergirls and the Chicks Ahoy!  It was a fabulous match and Ashlea from the Gore-Gore Girls has been bugging me all season to join her team.  Hell, my plus-sized-tall body could easily take out some of these 100lb gals.    I’ve been avoiding it since I don’t really have a lot of spare time and I’m just not up to dedicating three days a week for practices.  After seeing how much fun they had at the game though, I’ve been seriously considering it.  More than likely I’ll just show up to give my support.

Floor Hockey
This is my fourth season playing floor hockey with our work team.  I’m not sure if you remember but when we first started we were completely hopeless.  This season, however, we’ve already clinched first place going into the playoffs.  The first playoff game is tonight and luckily my knee is healed enough that I can play.  A few weeks ago a guy on the team we were playing got a bit upset that the game was incredibly close and decided that hooking my feet with his hockey stick and pushing me was a fabulous idea.

CanUX 2007 in Banff
I also just came back from the CanUX 2007 conference in Banff that went from Nov 24 – Nov 27.  I went with a girl from work and we had a fabulous time.  It started off with a Design Slam on Sunday night that was challenging and a lot of fun.  The speakers on Monday were OK, but on Tuesday they really shined.  We had some great conversations and discovered that UX is huge in Vancouver.  We swapped ideas and got to spend some time in the mountains with a quick drive up to Lake Louise.  I have a bunch of pictures that I need to process but I’ll post the good ones when I’m done.

In between all of these little things, I’ve been working on teaching myself how to use ZenCart to help out Sew Scary, starting to get my feet wet in learning Silverlight for work and also putting Ghoulish Gary  into a CMS so it’s easier for him to update it.

Another thing that’s been holding me back from adding any new content, especially pictures, is that I’m moving my site…again.  I’ll have a shorter domain name and a whole new look.  Something has gone seriously wrong with this current installation causing it to take forever to load anything.  I have a feeling it’s the gallery but rather than troubleshoot it I plan on starting from scratch on my new baby.

I have some vacation time coming up in a couple of weeks that will see Gary and I in Florida for four days, flying back home for a wedding, then Christmas visiting is upon us.  I would say that I’ll try to update but really we both know that will likely not happen 😉

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    Before I forget…
    Pandora was born 21 Nov 2001

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