My first snowflake of the season

My first snowflake of the season

This morning I woke up early so that I would get to work before 10:00 am.  Mind you I can start at 10:00 but we have plans tonight and I wanted to leave at 5:30.  Once I finished my lightening round of getting ready, I left the house without having a single sip of caffeine.  So, when I burst out onto the street from our third floor apartment I stood there for a couple of minutes because I couldn’t believe my eyes.

It was snowing!  White eddies swirling around tires as cars and people forced them to reform their patterns.


Falling on my cute black hat and melting on my pink cheeks.


I absolutely adore the first snow of the season.  Sure, it means it’s going go get windy and incredibly cold.  There will soon be piles of slush and boots with pulled seams making my feet damp.

It doesn’t matter because it’s snowing and that means that my vacation is coming up.  My birthday and the New Year are just around the corner.  Non-stressful days spent laughing with friends and family are going to be here soon.  And, let’s not forget the trip to Florida Gary and I are taking this year.

Days spent in the parks of Orlando on rides.  Laughing like the couple of kids we really are at heart.  Consuming as many monsters and magic that we can possibly handle without bursting from glee.

Thank you to all those snowflakes that drifted around this morning for making me a happy woman today.


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