Nice and relaxing weekend

Nice and relaxing weekend

This is the first weekend in a long time that I haven’t worked. I’ve been tempted but I’ve held strong and have reminded myself that I need some downtime. I had big plans this weekend…doing some stuff on Gary’s site, my site, processing photos from the Festival of Fear and I’ve done none of it. Sitting in front of the computer this weekend was not something I wanted to do.

Instead I’ve been watching episodes of Big Love and Neverwhere. I’ve been researching some Guitar Hero bundles because Gary and I have fallen in love with the game but I refuse to spend what the stores are asking for the bundles. I also took Pandora out for some really nice long walks and measured myself for a corset that I should hopefully have in about 6 weeks.

I’ve also been watching my new fish Voodoo. I just realized that I forgot to blog about it when Pan went belly up. He was a good guy but was also pretty sick from the day I got him. Voodoo is a hell of a lot more spunky and I absolutely love watching him swim around. He also has some gorgeous fins. The photo does not really do him justice at all.

Oh damn I just remembered that I’m supposed to be emailing the family with directions to Tonya’s house where we are celebrating my mom’s 60th birthday next weekend. The party should be fun but it’s going to be a lot of work. Tonya is stressed out about it and rightfully so, but I think in the end it’ll be a great day. Now that my sweetie is finally home after the gruelling Halloween double issue I’m going to go and play some Tony Hawk with him and simply enjoy some quiet time together.

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  1. george 12 years ago

    neverwhere is absolutely one of the best things i’ve ever read. i love neil gaiman and kick myself daily for not having seen “stardust” yet. if you’re writing about something different, please forgive this rididculous razzberry, and i hope that you are enjoying whatever the hell you are writing about!!!
    – g

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