It’s coming soon, I promise

It’s coming soon, I promise

I have hundreds of photos on my computer just waiting for me to process.  Some are from Montreal, some are from friends getting together and well there are just way too many for me to wrap my head around at the moment.  I’ve made a promise to myself, however, that I’m going to get a large bulk of the ones from Montreal done to send to Dave tonight.  He wants them to highlight his Fantasia post he plans for Rue Morgue’s Blog – The Abattoir.

Instead of processing photos and writing,  I’ve been busy working, reading, and dealing with a sick and swollen Pandora these last few days.  I’m really looking forward to this long weekend.  We’re going to hang the gorgeous curtains that Terra at Sew Scary made for us in the bedroom and I plan on processing and getting a bunch of photos printed for our bedroom.  I won’t be posting pictures of our ultra cool apartment, however until September/October when we’ve taken out the hideous air conditioners.

I also plan on making a nice long picture post talking about how awesome Montreal was and how we can’t wait to go back.  Oh and Kat, you will love Cruella’s.


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