I don’t know how we do it…

I don’t know how we do it…

Ok, really I do.  Gary and I are both messy people.  We aren’t dirty, just messy.

Various pieces of clothing are scattered throughout the apartment as layers are shed when we reach our hot home.  Paper, purses, receipts and every electronic gadget we own that can be thrown on the table now have a home.  We also have shoes underneath every possible surface.

Considering both of our mom’s are pretty tidy ladies, it amazes me how we clean every Sunday and when the weekend rolls around the place is in shambles again.  I know what we should do, keep things tidy with a 10-15 minute straighten up every night but we’re both just too damn lazy to do it.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is going to change this week.  Oh yes it is!  Next weekend is the Festival of Fear and we have guests staying with us from Friday onward.  This means that the cleaning we do this weekend is going to have to last until Friday.

All I can do is ask you to wish us luck or Gary is going to have to deal with a very naggy Nicole.


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