Bloc Party

Bloc Party

Back in 2005, Gary introduced me to the Bloc Party and their album “Silent Alarm”. I instantly fell in love with the album. It made me want to dance, smile and brought me back to my early University days when Oasis and Blur were big. So, when their second album “A Weekend In The City” came out I was expecting them to continue charming me.

I wasn’t disappointed.

“A Weekend In The City” is a much more sombre album than Silent Alarm and after listening to it a few times, “The Prayer” has managed to worm its way up into my heart.

For those of you who are new to Bloc Party I’m going to share with you two of my favourite songs thrown behind a cut tag for those of you on LiveJournal.

Like Eating Glass from Silent Alarm

The Prayer from A Weekend In The City


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