As promised – Our Montreal Trip

As promised – Our Montreal Trip

I’ve finally finished processing and resizing the pictures from Montreal and thought I’d do a little day by day run down of our time there. We walked a lot. We laughed all the time and overall we had an absolutely restful few days in a city we both love. I’ve put the rest of the entry behind a cut since there are quite a few pictures.

We got into Montreal a bit later then expected on Wednesday so we missed David Arquette’s movie The Tripper. We caught a bit of his Q&A and then headed to a local pub for some drinks. It turned out to be a great night. We met some folks from the Rue Morgue message boards, I got to officially meet Johnny Butane from Dread Central and I also got to meet David Arquette who came by to have a few drinks. We talked, laughed and most importantly drank. A lot.

Having a drink with David Gary and I on the streets of Montreal.Jovanka, Johnny Butane, Gary and Rod.Gary and Mitch Davis, one of the organizers for Fantasia

The following day we did some shopping at Cruella’s, and Kat, you would seriously love this store. I ended up getting a pair of incredibly sassy Tuk’s with red polka dots (polka dot shoes became a theme of the trip). We got ready and went to go see a 2 hour collection of short films at Fantasia. Rodrigo was introducing his movie The Demonology of Desire. Unfortunately there was some projector trouble during his film and what started off as a beautifully lit movie eventually became a black screen with pink or blue lips. Rodrigo apologized during the Q&A session later about what happened. Of course we went out drinking that night and had a blast as always.

Rodrigo introducing his movie The Demonology of Desire at Fantasia.
Tal Zimmerman, his lovely girlfriend Mickey, Doug Buck, Gary and Jovanka smoking in the rain.Directors Rodrigo Gudino, Ken Takahashi and Benoît Lestang during their Q and A after their short films.

On Friday I decided to surprise Gary and take him to go and see the Body Worlds exhibit in Old Montreal. We never had a chance to see it when it was here and he really loved it. Personally, I don’t think I would go and see one again. It made me feel incredibly queasy. We spent some time walking around Old Montreal, had lunch at a wonderful cafe and then walked to The Village, mostly along Rue Saint Catherine, to meet up with Riel and her girlfriend Anna. It was fabulous to see her and we had an absolute blast going out for dinner, catching a glimpse of a drag queen show and drinking on a roof top patio.

I'm trying to look innocent...One of the statues with a visitor in the fountain across from Notre Dame Cathedral.A really awesome part of the fountain across from Notre Dame CathedralRiel and her amazingly sweet girlfriend took us for a night in The Village

Saturday we slept in and went for a bit of shopping along Saint Catherine. They had closed the street off so there were merchant tables, vendors and a slew of old cars for people to drool over. I found a lovely pair of black and white Steve Madden shoes that gave me blisters the first time I wore them and now are too big for me to wear again unless I find some sort of insoles. I really hate having odd sized feet. We also walked down to the the huge HMV and caught David Usher singing to a gaggle of screaming young girls. I caught a few snapshots through the HMV windows because it was raining and I’m not about to get soaking wet for David Usher. Saturday night we went and watched Mulberry Street that was playing at the festival and it was a great independent movie! I would highly recommend watching it if you get a chance to see it. We ended up heading back to the “Fantasia” pub for more drinking, laughing and smoking in and out of the rain.

There were some amazing old cars that were parked along Rue St CatherineGary looking devilishly handsome in his Fedora.Gary trying to get me to smile for the camera.David Usher again...I was standing inside HMV since it was raining outside and honestly...not a huge fan.

Sunday we checked out and then headed down to Saint Louis for some seafood and a little stroll around the park to gawk at admire some of the amazing houses there.

Rue Prince-Arthur in Montreal, facing the Square St-Louis
Rue St-Louis has some pretty amazing houses. Check out the Red, Blue and Purple TrioRue St-Louis again. A castle! My inner princess just weeped for not being allowed to go to the top.

If you want to see the rest of the pictures you can check out the gallery.


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