10 things that are going to rock this summer

10 things that are going to rock this summer

I normally am not a big summer girl.  I don’t like to sweat and I’m so pale that I often glow in the summer nights when surrounded by tanned appendages.  This year, however, I am going to start it off on a high note listing the things that are going to make this summer kick ass.

  1. The new portable air conditioner we have for the living room.  A usable living room this summer! Although I think I little part of me will miss the 8 fans blowing hot air on us while we spray one another with warm water from cheap spray bottles.
  2. Zip.ca and their endless supply of TV shows that I always wanted to watch but never did.  It’s great to have something to do when it’s too hot outside to even move and we don’t have cable.
  3. Cute summer dresses.  Light, and airy.  No pants for this girl!
  4. Vacation to Montreal for the Fantasia Film Festival.  I’m hoping for a perfect balance of hanging out with the Rue Crew and spending time alone with the man of my dreams.
  5. Walking Pandora through High Park.
  6. The Festival of Fear, specifically the parties.  It’s a chance to see people I adore but don’t get to see often…you know who you are.
  7. Strawberry Margaritas.  I only drink these in the summer and man, they are worth the 9 month wait.
  8. Working at the office. Seriously, my office rocks, the people are awesome and summer time means impromptu drinks (see #7) and lunches on patios.
  9. Going to Center Island for a picnic.  I might even bring Pandora.
  10. I will succeed in my quest to find the perfect sandals that will fit my wide feet, are stylish and are comfortable.  So far I’ve only found shoes that fit one or two of the above criteria.

So, what do you have planned for your summer?


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