Colour Inspiration

Colour Inspiration

Every now and then I need to come up with a new colour scheme for a website. Normally I have an idea or concept and can run with it, but sometimes I get stumped.

It’s at times like this that I pull up my trusty account and click on my “inspiration” tag to present the following three sites on my screen. They almost always give me a jump start, and while I rarely actually use the colour sets they have created, it gives me a chance to think outside of my comfort zone.

  • Kuler
    kuler helps you explore, create and share color themes for your creative projects. Use it as an on-line application or download themes to use with Adobe Create Suite 2 applications.
  • Daily Color Scheme is your daily color resource. A new scheme every day, with lots of schemes in the archive.
  • Colr
    This site isn’t as slick looking as the other two but it allows you to tag colours and submit to them with RSS feeds.


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