Tips and tricks for other box hair dye girls

Tips and tricks for other box hair dye girls

I’m cheap. Well actually I’m cheap when it comes to certain things and one of those cheap ticket items for me is hair dye. I refuse to spend the money to get my hair dyed professionally when I can buy a box of hair dye for ~$10 at the drug store. This has especially been the case since I started dying my hair black, because seriously you have to be pretty stupid to screw up a full black hair dye job.

Now one of my major problems when it comes to dying my hair is that my skin also gets dyed in the process. It’s unfortunate but true. I’m certain that I’m not the only one that has this problem, so here are some of tips and tricks on getting that hair dye off of your skin. Use them at your own risk, and I make no guarantees because sometimes even these fail me.

  1. Use make up remover wipes. – I buy the Shopper’s Drugmart brand and use them every day anyway, so I always have these handy. I use them when I get drips and drops during the hair dye application. I also use it to wipe down my face, neck, ears (and don’t forget behind your ears!) during and once I’m done the application and am letting the dye set.
  2. Use the hair dye itself! – Now this was a new one for me, but a friend of mine swears by it and after two sessions of trying it, I have to say I’m on board as well. Apparently hair dye will remove hair dye..I don’t know how or why, but it does. So what you do is when you get in the shower to rinse your dye out take the hair that still has dye in it and rub it along your hairline, ears, and neck. I usually grab the crown of my hair and just shove it forward and back along the hair line. I do this pretty vigrously and then rinse it off your skin and hair. Just remember not to get it in your eyes!
  3. Ashes – Now lets say you’ve diligently removed what you could with the make up remover wipes, and tried rubbing your dye filled hair over the spot and rinsed it only to find that your skin is still stained. Your next step is to use ashes. I will assume that any ashes will work well, but I usually use cigarette ashes. Take a nice little pile, put them in a small container and add a tad of water to make a paste. Take the paste and rub it into the dye stained area. I said rub…RUB..rrrruuubbbb. When you feel like you’ve done a good job just wash it off. Yes I know it’s stinky and gross but it might be your miracle paste.

So those are my three tried and true methods. With the combination of these three techniques I can usually get most of the dye off of my skin. Now some people swear that putting Vaseline along your hair line will stop the dye from soaking in to your skin and that might be true. I tried it once and ended up with a spotty dye job around my hair line because the Vaseline ended up on the actual hair. It wasn’t pretty and I never tried it again.


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