The derrière curse

The derrière curse

I know that I have a flat ass, it’s ok it’s a family trait. This unfortunate turn of events has made it very difficult for me to get pants that fit. You see, when you are a plus sized gal clothing companies assume that with the tummy, you got the booty. This causes for a very baggy and quite unattractive derrière when I wear most pants.

So, I just stopped wearing pants to work.

I haven’t worn anything but skirts for the past 4 months and it wasn’t too bad until this cold weather hit. Now I’m looking longingly at my one pair of too short jeans (that’s another issue, I have long legs and pants are always too short) almost contemplating wearing them. Then I change my mind.

I think what I need to do is head out and spend several hours trying on multiple pairs of jeans. There has to be at least one pair that doesn’t have a yard of material hanging around my non-existent ass, and that is long enough to allow me to wear my heels. These jeans will likely cost $150 because that’s my luck.

Why can’t we just have an eternal Indian Summer? This way I could wear all my cute sweaters and skirts without chaffing


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