I’m 31 today!

I’m 31 today!

Well today is my 31st birthday and a lot has happened this year. I’ve decided to focus on the good things below, because I’m all about the positive attitude today:

  • I moved in with Gary
  • I got promoted at work
  • I removed several toxic people from my life
  • I’ve become busier then I ever imagined both in my work life as well as in my personal life
  • My new apartment is now a home filled with things Gary and I both love (monsters and faeries!)
  • Gary’s family has become an extension of my own family and I’m very lucky to have them
  • I’ve been blessed with amazing friends
  • I’ve been spoiled rotten by loved ones
  • I got to see NYC for Halloween and meet some incredibly talented artists
  • My dog Pandora has been an absolute angel and has wormed her way even deeper into my heart.

While this year has had its hard times, I’m constantly reminded how lucky I am and how many wonderful people make my life a joy every day.

While I sit and revisit what I’ve accomplished this past year, it makes me focus on what I want to accomplish next year:

  • Complete my new Digital Masquerade layout
  • Create a site for Brain Lava
  • Travel (hopefully to Europe but at least to Las Vegas)
  • Work out more often
  • Take dancing lessons
  • Save up some money to start work on my 3/4 sleeve tattoo

Not a huge list yet, but I’m working on it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years in case I don’t post again.


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