The geek in me giggled

The geek in me giggled

If you don’t work in the web industry chances are you will not understand what this article is really even talking about (or care for that matter) but if you do and you also happen to know some really conceited folks that refuse to make their site work for IE6…well, you’ll find this is giggle worthy.

A Standardista’s Alphabet

It is important to note that there are two main species of standardista, the Lesser Standardista (Standistus minori followum), who follow web standards unfailingly and will always submit to the authority of the big names in the standardista world, and the Greater Standardista (Standistus argumentatavum maximus) who are either already one of the big names in the standardista world, or believe they should be. This group will always be prepared to argue their own corner, sometimes even if there is no-one in the opposite corner taking up a contrary position.


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