It’s begun

It’s begun

Last night I actually started on the layout of my new site. Not the coding, just the image. Coding wise, it’s going to be completely WordPress based so that I can update the site on the fly and not have to ftp the updated files over and blah blah blah. I’ve been thinking about this layout for several months now, but due to computer problems and timing restraints I was never able to actually get started on it. This happens quite often, something sort of stews in my brain for several months and then suddenly in a night of inspiration I’ll stay up until 3:00 working on a concept.

Sure, I may not like it the next day but at least I’ve started something.

The layout will probably take me a few more weeks just to decide on it and then I’ll start cutting it up and programming it. This will be my first attempt at a completely original WordPress layout. I’m not modifying someone else’s layout; I’m going to build this bitch from scratch. Mind you I’m not an idiot, if an existing layout already has some sweet CSS coding for something I like I’ll snag it and integrate it into my own layout. That’s how I learned CSS in the first place!

Who knows, if I like doing this I may start making some WordPress layouts in my free time for people to use. It would be great exposure. Actually I just said free time, like when will that ever happen?!

Well either way I’m getting this new layout out by the end of June, that’s my goal and it is going to be gorgeous. I’m not going to give out too many details because I want it to be a surprise. But I will tell you this; there will not be a single faery in site. That is going to be used for another project I have stewing around my cranium.


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