Lucky girl

Lucky girl

It’s amazing how much housework I can get done when I actually set my mind to it. Cleaned the downstairs, two bathrooms, my bedroom and did a load of wash tonight. Whew. Wanted to have a nice, clean house when Gary comes over tomorrow night after we go to the concert. This weekend we are going to London to celebrate his birthday and his dad’s birthday. I’m going to hold out on giving him gifts until his birthday on Tuesday though so he has *something* to open on the actual day. I just hope that no one gives him anything I bought but I always worry about that when I give birthday gifts.

It’s strange I have never been happier then I have been since I met Gary. He adores me the way I am and isn’t trying to change me. He is affectionate, giving, caring, intelligent and I feel so completely comfortable with him. A huge part of me tried to deny it, tried to hold back and see if he would suddenly turn into someone else. I think I had come to equating caring for someone, truly opening myself up, with allowing that person the power to hurt me. But he has won me over. Completely. As soon as I leave him I wonder when I’ll see him again. Thinking about him puts a smile on my face. He’s sexy, sweet and all mine. I’m a lucky girl. Now if he actually sings to me one day I think I’ll just completely melt. I’ll be that puddle of goo, so just step over me on the way out the door 😉


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