A sickly update

A sickly update

I’m still sick but finally….finally….I’m starting to drain and my head cold is lessening up a bit. Go me!

Considering that I have been incredibly sick, my weekend has been very quiet except for Friday night which was Gary’s birthday party at the Bishop and Belcher. It was a great night even though I only had one drink and then drank water most of the evening. So many of his friends came out, people from his college days and those that work at the magazine. It was wonderful to see him surrounded by people that he loves. A few of my friends also came out, namely Celeste, Krista, Kerri and Jamie which meant a lot to me.

You know someone loves you when you look like absolute crap, can’t stop blowing your red rudolph nose, they go out and get you groceries, walk your dog and rent movies for you. And they still call you sexy. I think I have found myself a keeper ladies and gentlemen 🙂 Anyway I need to hop in the shower and attempt to make myself look somewhat presentable for when he gets back. That boy is going to get spoiled rotten once my head clears.


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