Busy busy busy

Busy busy busy

I guess maybe it’s a good thing that I haven’t updated much lately…it means I’ve been busy with work and life. This last week has been moving in a whirlwind. I went and saw Chakushin ari at the Bloor Cinema as Gary’s guest. Apparently Rue Morgue shows a horror movie every third Thursday of the month there. It was a lot of fun. Very much like The Ring but of course I’m a wimp and jumped at all the right parts. Yes a movie *is* less scary if you just peek at the screen through a hole in your sweater ;) Saturday I spent the evening with Gary which was fabulous. We had dinner, watched a movie and just talked all night. Sunday was a visit to the folks in Hamilton for a very late birthday dinner. My mom bought me a watch…it’s big…kind of funky and I like it. Yeah not a great update…I know. More to come later.


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